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Show #1102: Invasion of the Invasives - (14.99 MB) Listen Now Guests: Heath Packard, Director of Communications, Island Conservation Subject: Topics include what makes a species an invasive species; how invasive species invade and conquer, and by what means invasive species may be eliminated.

Show #1101: Wolves to the Heal - (10.01 MB) Listen Now Guests: Marc Cooke, President of Wolves of the Rockies Subject: Topics include how Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is spreading throughout the West; why wolves might prove to be the best way to control the spread of CWD; and whether wolves should be freed to eat the weak.

Topics include a look at the consolidation of the liquor industry; how industry consolidation creates opportunity for local distillers; and how local distillers compete with the giants of the liquor industry.

Show #1124: The Big Bucks of Bottle Water - (5.01 MB) Listen Now Guests: Story of Stuff Campaign Manager Miranda Fox Subject: Topics include why the bottle water industry has grown so big, so fast; how industry participants have gained control of the sources of clean water; and why the public is paid so little for the water it pays so much for in plastic bottles. - (15.39 MB) Listen Now Guests: David Mc Cumber, Editor of the Montana Standard, and Bart Riley, Proprietor of Riley Meats Subject: Topics include how USDA subjected family food businesses to non-existent regulations; how non-existent regulations were used to find fault with, and even terminate, family food businesses; and speculation as to why USDA conducted this campaign of bureaucratic terrorism.

Show #1122: Eyewitness Venezuela - (15.01 MB) Listen Now Guest: Francisco Valencia, President, Codevida Subject: Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves on earth, yet we read of its citizens eating zoo animals and using animal drugs to treat themselves. Show #1120: - (24.64 MB) Listen Now Guest: Larry Olmsted, Author of Real Food Fake Food Subject: Topics include the difference between real food and fake food; the extent to which food fraud exists in the commercial marketplace; and how to know whether food is real or fake.

Show #1119: Political Food Activism - (15.57 MB) Listen Now Guest: Julie Guthman, Ph D, Co-Author of The New Food Activism, Subject: Topic include why some believe free market forces have been insufficient to provide for a healthy food chain; how political activism has emerged to force needed change; and whether this activism can actually bring social justice to food. - (40.08 MB) Listen Now Subject: It would be much easier, and a lot cleaner, to grow organic food in water. Renee Dufault, Former FDA Inspector, Author of Unsafe At Any Meal Subject: Topics include how the FDA protects bad things in good food; what impact bad things can have on the human body; and what can be done to protect against bad things in good food.

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D, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Georgetown University, Author Containment Subject: That accidental contaminations of food have periodically caused injury and death throughout the U. Topics include a look at past efforts to use food as a weapon of terror; the various ways food could be turned into weapons of terror; and what can be done to protect against such weapons.

How will the price of gas affect the price of food? Show #1127: California's Green -Gold Rush II; The Money - (10.25 MB) Listen Now Guests Cannabis Financial Consultants John Downs from Arcview and Gavin Kogan from Grupo Flor Subject: Cannabis is projected to generate so much money for California its treasurer is asking for a fleet of armored cars to pick it up and take it to Sacramento.

But some now point to capitalism as being the cause of hunger, obesity, land-grabbing, global warming and environmental pollution. Show #1130: California's Green Gold Rush IV: Consequences - (40.16 MB) Listen Now Guest: Fred Krissman, Research Associate, Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, Emerald Triangle Subject: Show #1129: Monsanto's Settling of Science - (15.74 MB) Listen Now Guest: Carey Gillam, Author, White Wash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer and the Corruption of Science Subject: Topics include how Monsanto settled the science on the safety of its weed-killer glyphosate; why some dispute the settling of that science; and whether consumers should believe that the science of glyphosate has been settled.

But when a crop has been re-engineered to contain a pesticide, and to be drenched in herbicides, we wonder...

How can a GMO be substantially equivalent to an non-GMO? - (14.73 MB) Listen Now Guest: Justine Smith, Doctoral Student, University of California, Santa Cruz Subject: Topics include the extent to which people, pumas and prey live in close proximity; how all are adjusting to living together; and whether people, as the apex predator, can live in harmony with other predators and their prey. - (15.25 MB) Listen Now Guests: Ecological Farming Foundation veterans Sam Earnshaw, Thomas Wittman and Deborah Yashar Subject: Winter is the time to sort seeds and confer on a new growing season at one of the many farm conferences around the nation.Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science, Colorado State University Subject: Topics include how humans think; how animals think; and how humans can work animals by thinking like animals.

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