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Other tracks demonstrate that Jill’s phrasing and ability to spin a narrative remains unparalleled: her remake of Bill Withers’ classic "Lovely Day," for example, could’ve been a by-the-numbers retread, but she tumbles the tempo a bit, rolls it around in her lower register and transforms it into a sunny soliloquy all its own.

For many fans, the album highlight may be "Lovely Day".

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Kohn said, deputies threatened to harass bar operators and other jukebox users in Jeferson Parish who refused to patronize firms owned by Marcello. Eileen Torrey, 27, mother of two and expecting a third child, was talking on the telephone with her husband, John, to tell him she finally was able to start the family car.

After Kohn left the witness chair, Walter Richardson testified his bar in the parish was subjected to weekly police aids because he balked at installing Marcello machines. Gillon, another bar operator, said he installed some slot machine-type devices after a visit from a man who claimed to have "the okay" to distribute them in Jefferson Parish. Suddenly she said the automobile was moving, and she placed the telephone receiver on the table. Moygashel linen is a joy to work with to launder or when transforming it to your fashion creation.

Unless Parliament acts, the copyright will expire Dec. The petition to keep the copyright on the words as a sort of permanent national monument was primarily the work of Miss Dorothy Alderley, 72, of Oxford, a Gilbert and Sullivan admirer since girlhood.

She fears there will be jazzed-up modern versions of the operas in which the words will be altered to bring their puns and topical references up to date. Witnesses said there was a loud explosion and then the car was a mass of flames. Another car was seen leaving the scene rapidly just after the explosion. LONDON, Ont., March 23 Uh An anonymous letter threatening to blow up radio station CKSL unless it stops playing rock V roll records was turned over to city police Monday.

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