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Skin-to-skin is when your baby is placed on your chest as soon as you're ready to hold her. J Obstet Neonatal Nurs 38(4):470-7 St James-Roberts. Infant crying and sleeping: helping parents to prevent and manage problems.Your newborn bonds through touch and smell, and her senses are tuned in to respond to your unique smell and the feel of your bare skin. You may not be able to hold your baby straight after she is born. Primary Care 35(3):547-67 Underdown A, Barlow J, Chung V, et al. Massage intervention for promoting mental and physical health in infants aged under six months.You may feel guilty about not feeling an incredible attachment to your new baby immediately. Your baby may be cute and cuddly, but she's also an entirely new person, one you may have to get to know before you become truly close. These feelings are understandable and entirely normal.If you have twins, you may find bonding with both your babies a challenge at first.It may be that one baby needs to be cared for in the neonatal unit (NNU) while your other baby stays with you on the postnatal ward.If that's the case, your midwife will encourage you to visit the NNU as often as possible to help the bonding process along.

You'll also learn to read your baby's cues as you massage her.

You could ask your midwife or health visitor whether there are any baby massage classes in your area.