Ddclient not updating

26-Dec-2017 00:49

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As people have been asking about the support experience, here is a quick write up what happened: All in all 9 working days, which is not great, but good enough IMHO. Before sending the device for repairs, had to take a backup and wipe it. So to properly backup your system, you either need root or you create a full backup of the system in the recovery and restore that.And the repair is good, and it was not (too) expensive. I would not send it with my, even encrypted, data on it. Android will backup certain data to Google, if you allow it to. I did the backup using TWRP, transferred it to my laptop, wiped the device, sent it in, got it back, copied the backup to the phone, restored it and...But there is also still the vendor, who can fix it, right?Internet suggested they would do it for about 100€, which seemed fair.Even not after I switched the engine of my blog from Word Press to Nikola. But this post is not about apologizing or at least not for not blogging. Given side and page are the same word in German, I thought he meant my (this) website, so I quickly fired up a browser, checked that the site loads (I even checked both, HTTP and HTTPS! Well, yeah, that looks like an useful error message. For historical nonsense was served just fine from all three nameservers.

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Well, it seems that happens, just delete some files and it will be fine.

That's probably not enough to be the single diff tool for configuration files, but it is quite a nice start.

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