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29-Oct-2017 09:30

It's exciting, unpredictable, fast moving, and it's something I can see myself doing: Ultimate Fighting Championship! In other words, many sports reward a very specific set of skills, rather than matching a variety of strengths and skills against each other and thus allowing people to improvise around their advantages and limitations.

As somebody who has always had to leverage my strengths and abilities against my weaknesses and disabilities, I respect the concept.

Es Ansicht dass allzu Monats keinerlei nur Wochen wurden.

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From the ground, I could throw a combination of strategic punches and kicks.

With a little training, I might even be able to perfect a couple of submissions, and then watch out!

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pinning my brother against the wall, or chasing them around the yard at full speed). They have wheelchair basketball leagues, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair racing--why not wheelchair ?Perhaps he would be interested in exploring this new idea with me.

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